DX51D Z275 Z350 hot dipped galvanized steel coil High temperature steel coil

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Galvanized coil is very popular in the market because of its economy. Compared with other steels, galvanized steel plate has good anti-corrosion effect and high application value. It has a wide range of applications. The world’s zinc output is generally used for processing galvanized sheet. Due to the high market popularity, the galvanized sheet needs to be processed. This figure is particularly large. Galvanized steel sheet generally includes hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, alloy galvanized steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet, single-sided galvanized steel sheet and double-sided galvanized steel sheet. Due to different production and processing methods, these typical galvanized sheets are also used in different places.

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Now the domestic galvanizing coil production line has matured, and the output of galvanizing sheet is also gradually rising, but our consumption is still large. Hot dip galvanized sheet has always been a scarce variety in China's metallurgical industry. It is one of the widely used cold-rolled coated steel plates. It is widely used in construction, light industry, transportation, household appliances, chemical industry, agriculture and other fields. The market shows a trend of rapid growth. This also led to the continuous rise in the price of galvanized sheet.

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Automotive products have the requirements of efficiency, reliability and high integration. Hot dip galvanized steel sheet for automobile is a better way at present. For more than 20 years since the hot-dip galvanized sheet was applied to the automotive industry in the United States in 1975, major automotive manufacturers in the world have been working hard to develop and develop high-quality hot-dip galvanized sheet with corrosion prevention as the goal and weldability as a comprehensive consideration, including coating and formability, and have made a series of technical progress, including the chemical composition of steel matrix and the rolling quality of steel plate surface, the thickness uniformity of hot-dip galvanized layer A series of technical problems such as alloying structure and process control.

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