Hot dip galvanized steel pipe for greenhouse framework greenhouse steel pipe

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Galvanized iron sheet insulation steel pipes are cold in the outdoor environment in winter. Many pipes in the outdoor environment are frozen and broken. Such things are more risky, and they will also cause a lot of inconvenience to residents. Therefore, nowadays, more and more engineering construction elite teams, in the whole process of engineering construction, galvanized iron sheet winding insulation pipe manufacturers sell directly, and all choose directly buried insulation pipes in outdoor machinery and equipment, It is believed that compared with general pipelines, this kind of pipeline has many characteristics and advantages.

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The following is a detailed introduction of the advantages of galvanized iron sheet: 1. The appearance is bright and clean, and the reasonable layout has a unique grid. 2. The installation is low-cost, and the overhead galvanized iron sheet is wrapped around the insulation pipe, which is directly sold by the manufacturer, with small installation space and few nodes; 3. Good compressive strength and stiffness; 4. The wall thickness can be selected in a large range; 5. Strong corrosion resistance, suitable for all kinds of strong alkali, alkali fog and other strong corrosive environments; 6. Specifications and models can be customized according to customer regulations and professional design schemes; 7. Anti ultraviolet light, the application period of outdoor empty shelf is about 15 years, and it can reach 30 years in the room; 8. The process of commodity standardization is high, and all components are standardized, which saves raw materials, is conducive to storage and reduces delivery time; 9. The processing of air duct adopts continuous spiral undercut structure, which has the advantages of good tightness, firmness and non corrosion.

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Mainly, many pipelines show the condition of being frozen in the ultra-low temperature and cold environment, but this kind of pipeline is not easy to show such things. The manufacturer's direct selling of galvanized iron sheet wound insulation pipe shall be applicable to the transportation of non corrosive substances such as boiled water, steam, cold water, etc., and the material temperature range is from minus 10 ℃ to 130 ℃ above zero. Galvanized iron sheet is stronger than high-pressure polyethylene, so galvanized iron sheet is not easy to embrittle, rust and corrosion. The advantage of the empty frame type galvanized iron sheet polyurethane insulation pipe is that the white iron sheet used to make the outer protective pipe adopts the hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion layer, which can be used in the outdoor environment for a long time without corrosion; Because the product adopts galvanized iron sheet to replace the traditional high-pressure polyethylene outer protective pipe, which prevents the problem of long-term embrittlement of high-pressure polyethylene in the outdoor environment; The compressive strength of the outer protective pipe structure is introduced in detail. The galvanized iron sheet outer protective pipe adopts a spiral shaped structure, which has overall bending strength characteristics and good support conditions at the fusion joint. 

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