Development pattern and trend of Chinese seamless steel pipe industry

In recent years, the seamless steel pipe industry of our country has experienced the fastest development in history, and the production and marketing of the continuous 6 years, the product structure adjustment results are remarkable, and the self-sufficiency rate of the steel pipe increases year by year. In 2004, steel pipe production reached 21.23 million tons, accounting for more than 25% of the global steel pipe production. Technological transformation and investment have reached a record high, and technological equipment has been greatly improved. Two million ton seamless steel pipe manufacturing enterprises have emerged, entering the ranks of the world’s largest steel pipe groups.
As with the development of China’s steel industry, although the steel pipe industry has made remarkable achievements in recent years, accounting for more than 1/4 of the global output, there is still a certain gap with the international advanced level in terms of technical equipment, product quality and grade, enterprise economic scale and main technical and economic indicators.
By analyzing the development trend and pattern of related industries in the seamless steel pipe industry, as well as the achievements and problems of Chinese seamless steel pipe industry, we realized that the domestic market has a certain advantage and development space, and the international market space is getting bigger and bigger, and the main way to improve market share is by competition. In order to further enhance competitiveness, we must seize the present good opportunity to narrow the gap between the variety, quality and cost of products and the advanced international level as soon as possible, so as to achieve the advanced international level of production equipment and technology, and make our country become a powerful power in the production of steel tubes in the world.
1. Production development and apparent consumption status of seamless steel pipe industry in China
In 2004, the output of Chinese seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe is the first in the world, and the seamless steel pipe has become a net export variety in 2003. Since 2000, China’s steel pipe industry has been developing rapidly for five consecutive years. The growth of steel pipe production is almost synchronized with the growth of finished steel products in the country, that is, the average annual growth of finished steel products is 21.64%, and the steel pipe growth is 20.8%, and the pipe/material ratio is maintained at about 7%.
From 1981 to 2004, the overall trend of production and apparent consumption of seamless steel tube increased steadily and synchronously. Before 1999, consumption had been higher than production with a certain fluctuation (about 800,000 t). Before 2002, apparent consumption was slightly greater than domestic production, and in 2003, it was basically flat. In 2004, production was slightly greater than apparent consumption, and it is expected that production will start to significantly exceed apparent consumption in 2005.
2. Capacity construction status of China’s seamless steel pipe industry
A few days ago, our country has seamless pipe manufacturers 130 or so, nearly 200 sets of unit. Among them, there are nearly 30 companies that can produce hot-rolled finished pipes with complete technological equipment, with a total production volume of more than 6 million t, accounting for more than 60% of the total amount of seamless steel pipes. This kind of production plant is the vast majority of state-owned enterprises, advanced technology and equipment, high single-line production capacity (Tianguan 250 unit, Baoshan Steel 140 unit on more than 800 thousand tons), product quality is good, seamless steel pipe production is the leading enterprise. The other enterprises are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises that provide tube or waste tube billet for cold rolling. The equipment of such enterprises is relatively simple. The general process is to use perforation + head or perforation + rolling pipe + head after equipping with cold rolling cold

Post time: Nov-10-2022