GB/T 9948-2013 Grade 1Cr2Mo Petroleum Cracking Pipes Seamless Steel Pipes

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Petroleum cracking pipe is a hollow, long, round seamless steel pipe. Application of petroleum cracking pipe: It is used for transporting gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and other oil products, which can resist corrosion and wear. Petroleum cracking pipe (gb9948-83) is a first-class steel pipe suitable for geological drilling and industrial drilling.

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Petroleum cracking pipe cutting retail, petroleum cracking pipe cutting processing, petroleum cracking pipe is mainly used to manufacture high pressure and above pressure steam boiler pipeline of high quality carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel and stainless heat-resistant steel high pressure seamless tube, these boiler tubes work under high temperature and pressure, the tube in the role of high temperature flue gas and water vapor will also be oxidation and corrosion, so the petroleum cracking pipe is required to have high lasting strength Therefore, the petroleum cracking tube is required to have high endurance strength, high oxidation resistance, and good organizational stability.

The hardenability of the petroleum cracking pipe has a great impact on the mechanical properties, but not all mechanical parts must be completely hardened. For example, bending, torsion stress shaft parts, surface heat treatment parts, etc., only need a certain depth of hardened layer to meet the requirements of use. The quenchability of petroleum cracking pipe is mainly determined by the critical cooling rate, the smaller the critical cooling rate, the better the quenchability of petroleum cracking pipe, and vice versa, the lower the quenchability of petroleum cracking pipe. In addition to Co, most of the alloying elements can significantly improve the hardenability of steel.

Market Introduction

Petroleum cracking pipe market up and down, the long and short game is intense, the market is mixed bearish, which also led to the growth of the wait-and-see mood, market demand was stopped. As the last trading day before the holiday futures prices lower, and no futures trading during the holiday, therefore, the market opened on the 10th futures still have a continuation of the decline occurred. If the futures go lower, in the absence of good news to boost the probability of the petroleum cracking pipe spot market to follow the decline is increased, the petroleum cracking pipe prices are expected to run weakly.

Outer diameter wall thickness

Outer diameter/mm Wall thickness/mm
1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 5 6
Theoretical quality/(kg/m)
10 0.222 0.314 0.395            
14 O.321 0.462 O.592 O.709          
18     0.789 0.956          
19     0.838 1.02          
25     1.13 1.39 1.63        
32       1.82 2.15 2.46 2.76    
38         2.59 2.98 3.35    
45         3.11 3.58 4.04 4.93  
57             5.23 6.41 7.55
60             5.52 6.78 7.99


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Mechanical properties

Standard Brand Tensile strength(MPa) Yield strength(MPa) Elongation(%) Impact power(J) Brinell hardness(HB) Delivery Status
GB9948 10 330~490 ≥205 ≥24 / / Positive fire
20 410~550 ≥245 ≥21 ≥39 / Positive fire  
15CrMo 440~640 ≥235 ≥21 ≥47 ≤170 Normalizing and tempering  
1Cr2Mo ≥390 ≥175 ≥22 ≥92 ≤179 Normalizing and tempering  
1Cr5Mo ≥390 ≥195 ≥22 ≥92 ≤187 Annealing  

Main material composition.


DIN2391-81 standard outer diameter tolerance is 0.08-0.10, inner diameter tolerance is 0.10-0.15, wall thickness tolerance is 0.10-0.15.

Chemical composition

Standard Brand Chemical composition(%)              
C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ni    
GB9948 10 0.07~0.14 0.17~0.37 0.35~0.65 ≤0.035 ≤0.035 ≤0.15 / ≤0.25
20 0.17~0.24 0.17~0.37 0.35~0.65 ≤0.035 ≤0.035 ≤0.25 / ≤0.25  
15CrMo 0.12~0.18 0.17~0.37 0.40~0.70 ≤0.035 ≤0.035 0.80~1.10 0.40~0.55 ≤0.30  
1Cr2Mo ≤0.15 0.50~1.00 0.30~0.60 ≤0.035 ≤0.030 2.15~2.85 0.45~0.65 /  
1Cr5Mo ≤0.15 ≤0.50 ≤0.60 ≤0.035 ≤0.030 4.00~6.00 0.45~0.60 ≤0.60 Steel


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Q345D Low Alloy Seamless Carbo18


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