ASTM 4140 Hot Rolled Forged Alloy Steel Round Bars

Short Description:

Round steel is a long solid steel with a circular cross-section. Its specification is expressed in diameter, unit millimeter (mm), such as “50mm” that means the diameter of 50 mm round steel.

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Product Description:

Round steel refers to the solid long steel with circular section. Its specification is expressed in diameter (mm). For example, “50mm” refers to round steel with a diameter of 50mm.

Classification by process:

Round steel is divided into hot rolling, forging and cold drawing. The specification of hot-rolled round steel is 5.5-250mm. Among them, 5.5-25mm small round steel is mostly supplied in bundles of straight bars, commonly used as reinforcement, bolts and various mechanical parts; Round steel larger than 25mm is mainly used for manufacturing machine parts, seamless steel tube billets, etc.

Classification by chemical composition:

Carbon steel can be divided into low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and high carbon steel according to chemical composition (i.e. carbon content).

Classification according to steel quality:

According to the quality of steel, it can be divided into ordinary carbon steel and high-quality carbon steel.

Differences between round steel and other reinforcement:

1. The appearance is different. The round steel is smooth and round, without wrinkles or ribs, and the surface of other steel bars is carved or ribbed, which results in a small bond between the round steel and the concrete, while the bond between other steel bars and the concrete is large.

2. The composition is different. Round steel (Grade I steel) belongs to ordinary low carbon steel, and other steel bars are mostly alloy steel.

3. The strength of round steel is different. The strength of round steel is low, while that of other steels is high. That is, compared with other reinforcements, round steel with the same diameter can bear less tension, but its plasticity is stronger than other reinforcements. That is, round steel has greater deformation before being pulled off, while other reinforcements have much smaller deformation before being pulled off.

Round Steel Specification Table:

Materials Specifications Materials Specifications
8#-10# 16-290 65Mn 40-300
15# 14-150 45Mn2 18-75
20# 8-480 60Si2Mn 16-150
35# 8-480 20CrMnTi 10-480
45# 6.5-480 20crmnTiB 16-75
Q235B 6.5-180 GCr15 16-400
40Cr 8-480 ML35 8-150
20Cr 10-480 T8-T13 8-480
42CrMo 12-480 Cr12 16-300
35CrMo 12-480 Cr12MoV 16-300
20CrMo 12-300 3Cr2W8V 16-300
38CrMoAL 20-300 45Cr50Cr 20-300
5CrMnMo 20-450 20CrMnMo 20-300
16MnQ345B 14-365 40Mn2 28-60
50Mn 40-200 35Cr 55
15CrMo 212475 15Mn 32170
25# 16-280 40CrMnMo 80-160
YF45MnV 28-80 20CrMnMo 20-300
30# 6.5-480 27 SiMn 20-350
30Crmo 28 Crwmn 20-300
30CrmnTi 16-300 H13(4Cr5MoSiVi) 20-300
60# 210.260 40crNimo 20-400

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Packing And Delivery:



1) Aircraft,automobile,train

2) Building wall,ceilings,furniture cabinet,lighting plate

3) Shipping plate,solar reflective plate,corner protector,insulation material

4) Beverage bottle,cap,ring-pull,cosmetics shell and cover

5) Electrical products shell,engineering machinery plate

6) PS baseplate,CTP baseplate,signs,nameplate

7) Alumimum tread/embossed plate,quenched and pre-stretched plate

8) Aluminum reefer containers and special containers,etc.


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